Boxer Dog Breeds, Information, Facts, Temperament

Boxer Dog Breed

The history of the Boxer dog breed dates back to the 1830s. Among the breeds that contributed to its ancestry, it is thought that the Bulldog was responsible for introducing the white coloration evident in Boxes today. Great Danes and French Bulldogs may also have been used in the Boxer’s development. This breed did not immediately gain a strong following outside its native Germany, and only began to attract attention elsewhere after the First World War.

Origins: Germany
Coat Type/Colour: Short; White and Tan
Height: 22 – 24 Inch (58.5 – 61 cm)
Weight: 66 lb (30 kg)
Classification: Working/Guard Dog
Nature: Boisterous, Highly affectionate; Short life-span

Few dogs are more playful by nature than Boxers and they are ideal for a home with bigger children, although they are perhaps rather too boisterous to live alongside toddlers. As may be imagined, Boxers need adequate space for their active natures. They are highly affectionate and loyal companions and can be trained quite easily. Indeed, they have been used as police dogs in various countries. Their short coats require little attention.

Sadly, Boxers are often quite short-lived, being highly susceptible to a wide range of tumors. Ten years is often the upper limit, although, as veterinary medicine has advanced, it has proved possible to combat some tumors quite effectively.

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