Boston Terrier Dog

Boston Terrier

The American breed was developed during the latter part of the last century, with various strains of Bulldog, Bull Terrier and Boxer all contributing to its ancestry. Indeed, these dogs were originally called American Bull Terriers for a period, until objection from Bull Terrier owners forced a change of name. The breed was finally recognized in 1893 by the American Kennel Club as the Boston Terrier.

Origins: United States
Coat Type/Colour:  Short; White and Black
Height: 15 – 16 Inch (38 – 43 cm)
Weight: 15 – 20 lb (6.8 – 9 kg)
Classification: Utility/Non-Sporting/Companion
Nature: Good Companion

Since then, it has become widely known throughout the world, They have proved easy dogs to train and make delightful companions. Boston Terriers are quite at home even in urban surroundings, and will walk happily on a leash if it is not possible to give them a daily run. Nevertheless, they do enjoy a period of freedom, to explore in the company of their owner.

The short coat of this breed is easy to groom and is never shed profusely, which makes housework easier. Boston Terriers may snuffle because of their compact noses, while their relatively prominent eyes are prone to injury, especially if they charge off through undergrowth. However, the most significant problem associated with these terriers is only apparent during the whelping period. The relatively large head, coupled with a bitch is giving birth. A Caesarean section may be required if a puppy’s head becomes stuck in the birth canal. Particular care is therefore necessary when breeding Boston Terriers.

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