Borzoi Dog Breed

Borzoi Dog Breed Picture

Another member of the sight hounds, the Borzoi Dog Breed evolved in the Soviet Union to hunt wolves, and is sometimes also known as the Russian Wolfhound. It has an elegant, aristocratic appearance – long legs, a gracefully curving back with a long neck and tapering head – and appears to have changed little since it was developed in the middle of the seventeenth century. Borzois hunted in couples, approaching a wolf simultaneously from each side. They then wrestled it to the ground and held it for the huntsman so that it could be killed.

Origins: Soviet Union
Coat Type/Colour: Silky; Generally Whitish
Height: 29 Inch (73.5 cm)
Weight: 75 – 105 lb (34 – 46.7 kg)
Classification: Hound/Coursing
Nature: Rather remote; requires room to run

Borzois were first exhibited in Britain by the Prince of Wales at the end of the last century, and also became known in the United States at about the same time. In 1903 the Russian Wolfhound Club of America was founded and did much to popularize the breed. They can be bred in any colour, although white is generally prominent in their coat, which needs careful grooming to preserve its appearance.

Borzois can prove rather remote by nature, being far less playful than many other breeds. It is important that they be kept in an environment where they can use their speed regularly. There are few sights more graceful than these dogs running together.

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