Border Collie Dog Breed

Border Collie Dog Picture

A true working dog, the Border Collie is another of the breeds that originated in the border counties. It is usually black and white in colour, with some individuals having longer coats than others. There has been less standardization within this breed than many others; in fact, a standard was only drawn up for the Border Collie by the Kennel Club in 1976. It is always a popular competitor at obedience competitions and a frequent winner.

Origins: The border counties, Great Britain
Coat Type/Colour: Smooth; black and white
Height: 21 Inch (53.5 cm)
Weight: 40 – 50 lb (18.2 – 22.7 kg)
Nature: Very receptive to training; good family dog

Nevertheless, although these collies are among the most receptive of all dog breeds to training, they really do not settle well in a purely domestic environment. Here they will become bored and frequently turn destructive as a result. As companion dogs in a rural area, however, where they can work and use their natural intelligence, Border Collies will be a source of great pleasure, as well as proving protective towards all members of the family.

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