Best Wireless Dog Fence System Reviews: Ultimate Guide

Wireless Dog Fence System

What is a Wireless Dog Fence System?

A wireless dog fence system refers to an electronic fence system that is created to help you restrict the movement of your pet. It limits the movement of your dog to a certain predefined boundary without having to install a physical barrier. Wireless dog containment systems are convenient and preferred by dog owners over cabled systems. Some of the reasons that make wireless pet fences popular include their affordability compared to the use of traditional physical barriers, they are highly portable, you can adjust the boundaries conveniently, and they are often easy to install.

Top 5 Best Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

1. PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

This product tops our review because it can cover up to half an acre. If you purchase this product, you will also be able to adjust the dog’s boundaries by about 90 feet on all sides.

The manufacturer has ensured that the product is durable and its collar is waterproof. This product offers you the option of a tone-only mode and five shock levels that can be adjusted based on the dog breed.


  • Has a low battery warning indicator
  • Cannot be damaged by water since it is waterproof


  • Does not provide the option of customizing the fence shape

2. Perimeter Technologies Wireless Wi-Fi Pet Fence

This type of wireless pet fence system offers dog owners an improved transmitter efficiency and an extended battery life. The manufacturer has incorporated the latest technology in the pet containment system, making it one of the best wireless dog fence systems available in the market today.

It is easy to install and operate. You can also customize it to fit dogs with different neck sizes because it has five correction levels that make it compatible with different dog breeds.


  • It features five correction levels that allow you to adjust it to fit your pet.
  • It is waterproof hence will not be affected by water damage.


  • The presence of metals compromises its functionality.

3. Pet Control Wireless Containment System

Are you looking for a simple wireless dog containment system that gives you value for your money? If you are, you should try this product from Pet Control HQ.

It is unique compared to other containment systems because it features 4 different areas of contact with the pet. It comes with two rechargeable collars to allow you to use one while you recharge the other one.


  • You can customize the system for any dog breed easily.
  • This system is waterproof and will not be damaged by water.
  • Comes with a user manual.


  • Its battery life is short and you will need to recharge it frequently.

4. Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Pet Fence

The manufacturer has ensured that dog owners get the widest coverage. This is because it offers you a coverage of 11 acres.

You can use this containment system for both small and large dog breeds since its collar measures 12 to 17 inches.

Users of the product get a replacement battery once they purchase the product to enable them to recharge one battery while the system is still in use. This containment system is ideal for any dog owner regardless of whether he or she is looking for a wireless fence for small dogs or a wireless fence for large dogs.


  • Can be customized to fit different dog breeds and sizes since it has five correctional levels.
  • It is waterproof hence will not be damaged by water.


  • Not recommended for pets weighing less than 8 pounds or less than 6 months old.

5. Depps Wireless Dog Containment System

This simple wireless dog containment system allows you to go with your pet anywhere whenever you want.

It offers you an extended battery life since both the transmitter and receiver have their own batteries.

The containment system’s design gives a tone warning before unleashing the shock that will start weak and increase as the pet strays further.


  • It provides an extended usage time because it features dual charging.
  • You can adjust the shock levels that your pet will endure once the limit is exceeded.


  • It is not recommended for small dog breeds.

What to Consider When Buying a Wireless Dog Containment System?

Are you considering purchasing a wireless dog containment system soon? If you are, you already know that the wireless dog boundary system is a technology solution that controls your pet’s movement. Since it is a new phenomenon in the market, there is the need for a proper understanding of how the system works. Before you purchase a wireless pet fence, therefore, you need to consider numerous factors that define the best wireless dog fence system. Some of the factors that are important in the wireless dog fence reviews are:-

The cost involved in purchasing an invisible fence: When purchasing any item, its cost comes into play and buying a wireless pet fence is no different. Technology advancement has ensured that you can purchase a high-quality invisible fence at an affordable rate. To ensure that you get value for your money and the system is durable, you should be willing to invest more finances as quality systems are relatively costly.

Decide on in-ground or wireless dog fencing system: When it comes to pet safe wireless dog boundary, clients will need to choose between in-ground and wireless dog containment systems. An in-ground fence system involves the use of underground wires or on the surface to supplement the wireless dog collar to send signals to the dog when it is approaching a boundary.

A purely wireless system does not involve the use of wires and instead, it utilizes GPS or radio signals to identify the location of your pet and relay the information to the collar and transmitter to send a signal to the dog. If your dog is approaching the boundary, the collar transmitter sends a signal to alert the dog hence limiting its movement. You should consider the wireless dog containment systems as they have numerous advantages when compared to the traditional fences that involved the use of a physical barrier to restrict the movement of the pet.

How easy it is to install the invisible fence system: Although the majority of invisible dog pets are easy to install, some can be challenging and you may need professional help to install them properly. If you are shopping for a dog containment system, be it a wireless fence for a small dog or wireless fence for large dogs, ensure that you purchase a product that is easy to install. The pet-safe wireless dog fence is easy to install and you can trust them to help you contain the movement of your dog with little issues.

Determine the size of your dog: If you are shopping for the best wireless dog fence, ensure that you choose a manufacturer recommended product based on the size of your dog. There are small dog electric fence wireless boundaries that are suited for small dog breeds and might not work well if you have a large breed of dog. To ensure that the invisible wireless dog containment system that you install shall work perfectly for you, it is important that you purchase the right containment system that will guarantee durability.

How Does a Wireless Dog Fence Work?

Are you wondering how a wireless dog boundary works? If you are, the explanation below outlines the basics of how a wireless dog containment system functions. Reading various wireless dog fence reviews is important because it allows you to know what to expect from each product. Here is how to set up a wireless fence for your dog and a detailed review of how it works.

Wireless Dog Fence System Reviews

First, you will need to purchase a lightweight collar: The collar has the capacity to emit a warning sound if your dog approaches the set boundary. The technology used in designing the collar will ensure that the stimulus is increased as the dog continues to approach the set boundary.

Secondly, the collar releases a trigger that keeps your dog off the boundary: When your dog approaches the imaginary fence, a stimulus is triggered and more shock will be unleashed on the dog. As the dog tries to go beyond the invisible boundary, the stimulus intensity increases significantly to the extent that your dog will retreat. Because the stimulus becomes intense as the dog approaches the imaginary boundary, your pet will learn with time to avoid the invisible fence system.

Lastly, your dog learns to stay within the boundary: After experiencing a shock every time it tries to go beyond a certain point, your dog learns that the stimulus increases as it approaches the boundary, thus retreating every time the stimulus becomes noticeable. As the dog becomes more aware of the fenceless system, it will learn to remain in the containment system and this ensures that its movement is restricted without the need for a physical fence system.