10 Best Indestructible Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Best Indestructible Dog ToysIf your favorite fur baby chews like a hyperactive chainsaw then you’ve probably gone through more toys than you can count. You want to give your dog the very best but that’s hard to do if your entire budget goes towards replacing chew toys every other week. You need safe, fun toys that will stand up to aggressive chewing without breaking the bank.

You might be thinking indestructible dog toys are impossible to find but the hope is on the horizon. If you’re searching for some tough dog toys that can stand up to an aggressive chewer then check out this list. These most durable dog toys might be just what you’re looking for.

1. Pacific Pups Rope Toys

The durability and fun bright colors of these tugging ropes for large dogs are just some of the reasons they’re included in our list of best dog toys for chewers.

Another reason, profits from the sale of these tough dog toys go to supporting Pacific Pups Rescue in California. You can enjoy a fun game of tug-of-war with your best pal knowing you’ve helped another dog enjoy one more day of play.

This is built from 100% cotton and also good for the dog’s dental health and you can use it for the large dog breeds.

2. Oneisall Dog Bones

Jaws of steel are no match for this range of indestructible dog toys. Available in three sizes to match the weight and strength of your dog, these bones stand up to the most persistent chewers. The bacon flavor will entice your dog away from any errant shoes and these bones can help with teeth cleaning between vet visits.

The smell of this toy is pretty good and your dog will definitely love it. You can use this toy for different dog breeds like Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever as well as those dogs who have more than 60 lbs weigh.

3. Benebone Wishbone

If you’ve been dreaming about finding the best indestructible dog toys for your pooch then look no further. Your wish has been granted with this toy which incorporates 100% real food ingredients for a delectable bacon flavor.

The product is made in the USA including packaging and tooling, this wishbone has an ergonomic design which not only stands up to chewing but makes it more comfortable for your dog.

The chew is very well designed so your dog can get an excellent chew going. The material of this product is Nylon and Real Bacon which is also sourcing from the USA. This product is available in three irresistible real flavors i.e. Bacon, Peanut and Chicken.

4. West Paw Treat Dispenser

Dogs will chew practically anything. The trick is to focus those chompers away from your shoe collection and onto a toy that can take a beating. This treat-dispensing toy does just that. You can hide your dog’s favorite snack in the bottom cavity then sit back and relax as they chew and chew away.

The manufacturer’s 100% guarantee against dog damage certifies this as one of the best dog toys for aggressive chewers. The product is completely safe for your dog and FDA compliant. You can find the popularity of this product from the 4.4 reviews out of 5.

5. Goughnuts Interactive Dog Toy

The Goughnuts brand is known for making tough toys for even tougher dogs. Most of their products are made from a hard-wearing rubber that can stand up to strong jaws. The bright orange coloring makes it ideal for play dates outdoors.

You and your dog won’t have to worry about misplacing their new favorite toy. The product is made in USA and one of the best dog toy for extreme chewers.

6. Nylabone Big Chew

Big dogs need big chew toys. These poultry-flavored toys are designed to stand up to the powerful jaws of the big softies in our lives. The durable nylon outlasts similarly shaped toys and the fun flavors keep your dog coming back for more. They are some of the best dog toys for chewers.

For smaller dogs, explore other Nylabone products to find one that’s right for your pooch. The product has different categories of hew toys, dental solutions, chew treats and puppy. Every dog has different flavors, shapes, and styles and you can find this product for every style of dogs.

7. Barkworthies Elk Antlers

Looking for a chew toy that’s also a treat, bring home a pack of elk antlers. These cruelty-free delicacies are harvested from naturally shed elk antlers and sized to your dog’s weight. Packed full of natural vitamins and minerals, your dog will love chewing down to the marrow filling for a tasty treat.

The most attractive feature of these natural chew toys is their lack of odor and minimal mess. No other treat is such a perfect combination of being dog-friendly, eco-friendly, and home-friendly.

8. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Squeak Toy

This simple sphere might just be made of magic. The unique rubber construction helps it stand up to even the toughest of jaws. Owner reviews place it at the top of the list for most durable dog toys and their pups love it.

This ball is dishwasher safe, floats in water, and is infused with natural mint oils to help combat dog breath. Plus, it’s FDA approved. The special rubber is non-toxic, BPA free and phthalate free. The product is launched in 2016 and going to popular for dog toys.

9. Kong Classic

This line of nearly indestructible dog toys has earned its place as one of the most recognized and trusted brands for dog owners. These rotund wonders pull triple duty as fetch sticks, chew toys, and treat dispensers. Made in the USA from globally sourced materials, these toys promote healthy chewing while soothing gums and cleaning teeth.

The product is made in the USA and available in three different sizes which are small, medium and large. The product is completely safe and reliable for your dog and it also helps to clean the teeth of your dog. The product is very popular across the globe from the last 40 years for its natural rubber.

10. Achivy Puppy Toys

If you want to teach your dog responsible chewing habits it’s best to start them when they’re young. Consider this 6-pack of dog toys for aggressive chewers for your young dog. The majority of these adorable figures are made from a durable rope of cotton fibers that help remove plaque when chewed. The sixth toy is a rubber ball with built-in treat cavities to reward your pup for positive chewing.

If your dog’s chewing habits have become a serious problem then it’s time to get serious about their chew toys. The ones on this list are a great place to start. They’ll hold up to the most aggressive chewing. As a bonus, most of them promote teeth and gum health, encouraging healthy habits through play.

Choosing the best chew toy for your dog is good for them and good for you. You’ll want to pick toys that are safe and offer little to no cleanup. You may have to test a few to see what works best for your pup. But, once you find it, you’ll be set for life.