Best Dog Winter Coats You Can Get This Winter

No matter the breed or size of your dog – any one of them can get cold in the winter.

There is nothing worse than seeing a freezing dog waiting for its owner outside of a shop. Unfortunately, some shops don’t allow dogs inside – but there is a solution.

Whether you take your dog for a quick walk or you take him shopping with you – you should get your dog a proper winter coat that will keep him warm at all times.

And in this post, we didn’t only list some of the best dog winter coats you can get right away – but we’ve also shown you the proper way to measure your dog and ensure you get the sizing right every time you shop online!

How to Choose the Correct Size of a Dog Winter Coat


It’s true that choosing the correct size when shopping for any type of dog wear can be a bit of a hassle. The reason for this is simple.

There is no standard measuring & sizing project yet every one of the manufacturers relies on their own sizing.

And with hundreds, if not thousands, of dog wear brands out there – you can easily spot the problem.

However, shopping for a perfect winter coat for your dog doesn’t need to be very complicated.

Here’s what you will have to measure in order to get the right size every single time:

  • Length
  • Girth
  • Neck

While some clothes might require one or two of these measurements – if you measure all 3 of these and keep your numbers saved – you’ll always be able to choose the correct sizing, no matter the brand or an item.


In order to measure length, you will have to measure your dog from the base of the collar all the way to the tail.

This is one of the most useful measurements you can have when finding your dog a suitable coat.

Tip: We highly recommend paying attention to the neck opening measures on the dog coat so you can match it with your harness.


When you’re measuring your dog’s girth, it’s all about measuring the widest part of your dog which is around the chest, behind the front legs.


Lastly, you don’t want to forget measuring your dog’s neck girth. To make this measure, simply measure a place where a collar would usually be.

When you have done the measuring, simply compare it to the sizing chart of the product you’re purchasing. Every brand has its own chart and you would want to match the sizes instead of guessing whether your dog requires small, medium, large, or any other size.

Now that you have everything you need – here comes the exciting part! It’s checking out what’s available and making an ideal choice for your dog.

Keep on reading to find some of our tops picks.

List of the Best Dog Winter Coats


Migohi Reflective Dog Coat

No matter how much you like winter, the wintertime zone doesn’t really let allow you to have a bright afternoon. Since dark falls down pretty quickly – Migohi created a perfect reflective winter dog jacket for this occasion.

Premium Material

Migohi dog coat isn’t only made to keep your best friend warm but also to keep it weatherproof whether it’s wind, rain, or even snow.

Inner of the coat is filled with fleece and cotton while the outer layer is made out of durable terylene material.

Design is pretty minimalistic but it looks very stylish no matter the dog breed.

Easy Fit

Migohi produces coats that fit dogs of all sizes. Once you have your dog measurements, you will get to choose a size anywhere a range of sizes that go from XS to XXXL.

The sizing process is very simple & straightforward – and having such a wide range of sizes to choose from eliminates the doubt when your dog’s size is in-between the sizes.

Simple to Clean

The material used to make this coat isn’t only good at keeping the coat weatherproof but it’s also very easy to clean. If your dog loves stepping into every puddle – there’s one thing less to worry about!


  • Great range of sizes
  • Minimalistic yet attractive design
  • Weatherproof materials used
  • Very easy to clean
  • Affordable price


  • Elastic back leg straps might not be very comfortable for smaller dogs
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Asenku Winter Dog Coat

When you’re trying to combine stylishness & comfort while keeping your dog warm – there’s no better coat to do this than Asenku’s winter dog coat.

Creative Design

Asenku featured a two-sided winter dog coat which can be worn both ways. It’s one of the creative designs that feature sticker closures located around the neck & belly. You can easily adjust the size to fit it to your dog but you can also decide which style is your dog up to – a stylish plaid design or a minimalistic black side.

Quality Choice of Materials

Both sides of this winter dog jacket are made out of quality materials such as polyester, terylene, cotton, and fiber filling.

They ensure plenty of warmness even in the roughest weather.

No Restrictions

This jacket is made for both indoor and outdoor use and due to its elastic design, dogs won’t feel restricted. Therefore, they can do anything from walking, training, and even jogging.


  • Double-side wearing
  • No restrictions
  • A quality combination of materials
  • Fits all dog sizes
  • Easy to fit


  • There is no rearward strap to improve the stability of the coat
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Carhartt Chore Dog Coat

When quality meets style – dogs are able to get what they deserve thanks to the Carhartt’s chore dog coat which is ideal for any weather type and any dog breed & size.

Easy Fit

This coat weighs only 12 ounces and it’s very easy to fit it to a dog thanks to the fully adjustable hook-and-loop tabs which are located at both chest and neck.

Whether you’re in a hurry or you just don’t like spending your time dressing up your dog – hook & loop really speeds things up.

Keeps Warmth

With a quality choice of materials such as quilted nylon lining, corduroy-trimmer material used for the collar, and elastic tabs – your dog will never be cold anymore, no matter the temperature outside.

It’s a fairly stylish design, yet it also features a water-repellent coating which ensures your dog doesn’t get wet & cold in the rain.

Features Pockets

You might’ve already noticed the fabulous corduroy-trimmed collar tucks – but the stylishness doesn’t stop there.

Carhartt featured two rivet-reinforced pockets that have a very fancy Carhartt logo sewn on the pockets. How cool is that?


  • Very adjustable hook & loop design
  • Quality choice of materials
  • Stylish design available in multiple colors
  • Reasonable price


  • Has no hole on top for the harness or collar
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Pawz Road Plaid Dog Coat

Keeping your dog warm in extremely low temperatures would require a full-body coat that keeps dogs warm from below as well as from around the body – and that’s exactly what Pawz Road coat offers.

Snap Closure

If you’re most of the time rushing outside – snap closure that includes only 3 buttons will help you go out in no time.

On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about the coat falling unbuttoning on itself. These are the same buttons featured in adult jackets as well.

Another thing we’ve noticed is that there are no zippers which could get dog’s hair caught up.

Rib Cuff

The best way to keep your dog warm is to ensure it has a coat that will cover 90% of his body. This coat includes a rib cuff that ensures no wind comes through down there.

Whether the weather is just chilly or it’s really windy – you will know your dog is going to stay as warm as you are.

Detachable Hat

Along with the snap closure we’ve mentioned earlier, Pawz Road added a detachable hat that works on the same principle of the snap closure.

Not all dogs like wearing a hat, and if it’s not a rainy day – you can just remove the hat by unbuttoning it from the coat.


  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Quality thick fleece material
  • Easy to fit
  • Keeps warmth inside


  • Doesn’t offer a lot of room for adjustment
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ThinkPet Reversible Dog Coat

Even when the weather gets really bad, the dog needs to get their everyday walk. ThinkPet features a warm & reversible dog coat that’s ideal even for snow.

Versatile yet Stylish

ThinkPet offers a double-sided coat that’s reversible and can be worn either way. It also comes in 8 different colors which give plenty of choices to fit both your dogs and your taste.

We find this coat to be ideal for both outdoors and indoors use since it doesn’t restrict any movements for the dog.

Flexible Adjustment

With the smart use of velcro & elastic hook and loop fasteners, it’s very simple to put on and take off this coat.

At the same time, dogs will enjoy the comfort of no zippers around expect one at the top that makes it easy to use this coat along with a harness or a collar.

Great Choice of Materials

The inside of this coat is filled with soft but thick padded layers that provide great warmth. At the same time, this type of material is ideal for dogs who don’t want to be restricted in any way.


  • Ideal for all dog breeds
  • Reversible wearing
  • Easy to fit & adjust
  • Great price


  • It’s a bit hard to get the right size for dogs in-between the sizes
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PetBoBo Winter Dog Coat

If your dog loves walking in snow – there’s no reason not to help your dog enjoy, but it’s highly recommended to make sure to keep your dog warm from the coldness of the snow. PetBoBo introduces a perfect coat that’s ideal for winter weather.

Wide Range of Sizes

There are 5 different sizes of this winter coat – mostly because of the thickness of the fabrics. However, we think that the manufacturer did a great job of providing a great variety of sizes in order to fit this coat to dogs of any size.

Comfortable & Soft Material

The inner filling of this coat is stuffed with cotton that provides comfort as it blocks out the wind and keeps warmth inside the coat.

Even though the coat offers a ribbed cuff at the bottom to keep the dog’s belly warm too – it doesn’t limit any movements.

Great Sizing Chart

PetBoBo did a really good job by providing a very clear sizing chart that applies to this coat and is available in both CM and inches.

The first thing they mention when you come across their product is to always measure your dog and compare the measures to their chart – exactly what we’ve advised you to do!


  • The perfect coat for winter & snow
  • Comfortable & soft material
  • Doesn’t restrict any movements
  • Features a hat
  • Easy to fit


  • Doesn’t have a zipper to use this coat with a harness or collar underneath the coat
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WeatherBeeta Parka 1200D Deluxe Dog Coat

Are you dealing with crazy weather (possibly English weather)? If yes, one thing you could get to keep your dog warm is the Parka 1200D Deluxe dog coat that’s good at protecting your dog from wind, rain, snow, and yet keeps dogs warm no matter what they do.

11 Sizes & 8 Colors

WeatherBeeta is one of the manufacturers who provide the best sizing options, along with the ability to easily find the right size for your dog.

Parka 1200D Deluxe dog coat comes in 11 sizes from (12″ to 32″) and it features 9 different variations of colors and finishes.

Full Wrap Coat

This Deluxe coat almost fully wraps your dog in the coat since it provides both chest and belly wrap – and yet it doesn’t limit the movement.

We believe this coat is very well designed since it provides necessary space around the legs and yet it fully wraps the most important body parts.

Breathable & Weatherproof Material

This coat is fully made out of 210D polyester that is great at blocking the wind, keeping the rain from soaking the coat, and yet provides enough breathability so your dog doesn’t feel too warm while wearing the coat for a longer period of time.


  • Ideal to be used with a leash or large collar
  • Fully wraps the body
  • Includes reflective strips
  • Waterproof and breathable material


  • Collar and leash hole is a bit too small
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Shopping for dog clothes can be an overwhelming process, mostly because of the inconsistent sizing process.

However, hopefully, you know understand how simple it is to measure your dog. We’ve also listed some of the best dog winter coats that come from reputable manufacturers who have a very precise sizing chart.

And no matter where you live and whether you just get plenty of rain or your dog has to battle the snow – at least one of these coats will be a great fit for your dog!

What is your favorite winter dog coat?

If you have any questions – feel free to leave a comment down below!

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