3 Best Dog Food Recipes for German Shepherds

German Shepherds Dog Food

When it comes to the Best Food for German Shepherd Puppy there are many great formulas on the market, but a pup’s diet is of utmost importance while he is growing and active. He needs so much protein it is better to feed pure protein to the baby German Shepherd rather than not enough. They are engaged in discovering, performing and working, so they need about 22 percent protein in their diet every day.

People love their pets, which is why dog owners are constantly searching for the healthiest foods available. Many of you may ask yourself what is the best dry dog food for German Shepherds?

In fact, Shepherd’s are a dynamic breed that loves to play, plus they are athletic. They must consume a wholesome, high-energy, high- protein food plan every day that includes the best ingredients for their growing needs. While a young puppy, if he is fed a raw diet, he will grow faster. In addition, these animals are active all the time. They have a natural curiosity for investigating everything in their environment and this is how to maintain their absolute interest.

What is more, they also need to eat three to four times a day to keep their strength, stamina and muscles maintained. If the ribs cannot be seen it is time to either increase exercise and feeds him less, or just cut the diet down and see if he shapes up. The other nutritional obligation is getting enough fat into the diet and yet too much fat can cause hip dyslexia. Once he is grown, his needs for nutrition change.

So, here are the top three best dog food for German Shepherd dog to give that furbaby what he needs to grow up healthy and happy. Orijen, Taste of the Wild and Natural Balance are the three product brands to chose from. Trying each one is a great idea to see which one puppy or adult doggy likes the best. Go see all three now.

Here are some top recommendations on the best German Shepherd Dog food list:

1. Orijen – Best Dog Food for German Shepherd

Orijen Dog Food ReviewsI recently discovered Orijen, a dog food maker that gives your little buddy a variety of options. They have the best dog food for German Shepherd puppies. 85% of Orijen Large Puppy Dog Food ingredients are made from poultry, fish, egg, and 15% vegetables. The great thing about Orijen Puppy is it contains 0% grain, high grain content is known to be the primary contributor to obesity in dogs.

The carbohydrates used in grain-free dog food are better for your pet because they contain a higher amount of protein and fewer carbohydrates. Orijen Puppy has 38% protein and 20% carbohydrates, this is essential for your puppy’s development. The meats they use are fresh and contain no preservatives; this is one reason why your puppy will find it so delicious.

The Orijen Original dog food also contains the same ingredients and has the same amount of rich protein that will allow your dog to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the stress on its bones and joints. There’s also the Orijen Regional Red, it contains only red meats that are rich in protein and is infused with a liver flavor to enhance its taste, this a popular choice among dog owners.

2. Taste of the Wild – Healthy Nutrients Food

Taste of the Wild FoodAnother option you may want to try is Taste of the Wild; they have a wide assortment of different types of dog foods to choose from. Just like Orijen all of the dog food they make is grain-free; it’s also made with Non-GMO ingredients, and loaded with plenty of probiotics. Probiotics help your dog maintain a healthy digestive system. It helps break down food and allow your pet to absorb nutrients more efficiently because having a healthy digestive system is vital for your pet’s health.

It’s made with very simple ingredients and is packed with vitamins and minerals your dog needs. It also contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. One of the best parts about Taste of the Wild is it’s made in the United States and they use only the best ingredients available. The company has been owned and operated by the same family since its conception. Their goal as pet owners was to create a better, cheapest high-quality dog food for their pet. Something that would be rich in nutrition, but with flavors their dog would love. Taste of the Wild continues to be one of the fastest growing dog food brands available.

3. Natural Balance – Best Grain-Free Food

Natural Balance Dog FoodNatural Balance is another brand that you can try; it’s a quality grain-free dog food that your dog will love. They have many different kinds of dog foods. Its High Protein Dog Food contains no potatoes or fillers and has nearly 32% protein.

Natural Balance has a higher crude protein level than many other leading dog food brands; its number one ingredient is real beef. They also have products that contain lamb, poultry, and duck, such as their Original Ultra Dog Food. Their Original Ultra Dog Food is able to keep your dog nourished and provide a balanced diet of proteins and nutrients to keep your dog healthy. Its unique fiber blend will help support a healthy digestive system. It also contains healthy levels of calcium and phosphorus to allow your dog to maintain strong bones and teeth and is packed with Omega oils that give your dog a healthy coat.

One of the greatest things about Natural Balance is, it contains no artificial flavors or colors. The company has a cash back guarantee if you’re not a 100% satisfied, they’ll refund you. The best dog food has to be not only healthy but also safe, which is why Natural Balance tests every batch they produce to ensure the best food for your pets.