Best Dog Hair Blow Dryer Reviews That are Professional & Safe

Best Dog Blow DryerA professional dog hair blow dryer is the secret to keeping your dog looking like he just got back from the groomers. Another bonus of having a dog hair blow dryer at home is you never have a wet dog running around the house, which means no more slippery wet floors or dirty couches.


High-velocity dog grooming dryers are safe to use on your pet’s fur, and they help you save money by cutting down on grooming visits.

When creating the best dog blow hair dryer review, we looked at settings, airflow ratings, and any additional or special features.

The flow (FPM or flow per minute) measures how much air is moved across a set distance in a given period. The higher the number, the quicker the process. Because it can often mean more noise, more flow is not always best. Powerful motors can make 50,000 CFM or more. This should be only one guideline to consider when choosing a dog grooming blow dryer.

With this data, we compiled a list of some of the best, safest, and most convenient professional-quality canine dryers.

The Top 5 dog fur dryers we will be reviewing are Flying One High-Velocity Dryer With Heat, K9 iii Variable Speed Dryer, Shernboa Dual Motor Professional Dog Blower, Free Paws Variable Heat and Speed Dryer, and Shernbao 5HP Dog Dryer.

1. Flying One High-Velocity Dryer With Heat

This high-velocity dog grooming blow dryer is a mighty machine with its four horse-powered motor, which makes drying off a breeze. With all of its drying power, it is relatively quiet. The roar is softer than a human hairdryer. For reaching around big dogs, the 10-foot extension hose does the trick. A round cone attachment, for blowing the water off, and a slotted one for longer fur are part of the package.

The airflow is easily controlled by a dial feature and coupled with multiple heat settings, which includes room temperature air. The dryer is very versatile and will work fast, and the hose and attachment will work with all fur types. It is a lightweight 12 pounds, so it is portable and is backed with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. The flow rate was reported as 28,000 FPM.

  • Speed control – Variable
  • Heat settings – Multiple
  • Size – Compact
  • Noise level – Minimal
  • Attachments – One cylinder and one slotted
  • Warranty – 12 months
  • Air Flow (FPM) – 28,000

The Flying One offers decent power in a compact, quiet machine.

2. K9 iii Variable Speed Dryer

This K-9 iii dog grooming blow dryer is equipped with a unique two-motor system. The benefit of that is if you want a softer setting, one motor can be used, but if you have a big-dirty dog with lots of furs, you have the option of firing up both motors. It makes for an adaptable airflow.

The motors blow ambient air through the 10-foot flexible hose and single round-cone directional attachment. Because of the two engines, it is a bit heavier.

It weighs close to 30 pounds, and it is noted for being somewhat noisy. Manufacturer’s cover defects for one year. The flow of 34,321 to 62,000 is split to match the dual-motor functions.

  • Speed control – Two speeds
  • Heat settings – Air only
  • Size – Large
  • Noise level – Fair to Medium
  • Attachments – One cylinder and one slotted
  • Warranty – 12 months
  • Air Flow (FPM) – 34,321 to 62,000

K9 high-velocity dryer is a powerful machine for tough, dirty jobs.

3. Shernbao Dual Motor Professional Dog Blower

This force dryer uses a six-horsepower engine to blast away water. Like the K9 iii, it has two motors. The speed is very adjustable, and it is controlled with a spin dial. This style of variable speed is often referred to as stepless also.

This professional dryer dries off the pups with air only. It does not produce hot air, but the variable flows work adequately.

The 18-pound dual motors are encased, so the sound is nicely muffled. It is packaged with the standard 10-foot hose, a cone and wide slot attachment, and a one-year guarantee. The Shernbao’s flow ranged from 4,921 to 66,000.

  • Speed control – Variable
  • Heat settings – Air only
  • Size – Medium
  • Noise level – Minimal
  • Attachments – One cylinder and one slotted
  • Warranty – 12 months
  • Air Flow (FPM) – 4,921 to 66,000

The dual motors offer a lot of control over the airflow, which can be useful if you are grooming small and large dogs.

4. Free Paws Variable Heat and Speed Dryer

Free Paws rated well because of their outstanding warranty and unique patented attachments. The warranty is for the life of the filters, accessories, the extension hose, and the carbon brush. It is uncommon for a dog blow dryer to have lifetime guarantees on these components.

Their patented drying comb is another reason for their excellent review. The comb has over 14 long fingers attached to a platform that has over 20 holes in it. The combination of combing the dog’s fur with the airflow allows the coat to dry twice as fast.

The product comes with a dizzying array of other attachments.

Besides the patented comb, there is a traditional rake, one full slot and one narrow slot, and the cylinder directional. You should be able to reach around any size pet with the 15-foot expanded hose. Variable airflow is achieved with the twist of a knob, creating a CFM around 11,023. There are three levels of heat: room temperature, low, and high. This blow dryer for dogs packs all of its functionality into 10 pounds.

  • Speed control – Variable
  • Heat settings – Three levels
  • Size – Compact
  • Noise level – Minimal
  • Attachments – Two combs, two slots, one round
  • Warranty – 12 months and lifetime coverage on certain components
  • Air Flow (FPM) – 11,023

Of all the blowers in this Best Dog Blow Dryer Review, this had one of the longest warranties and most accessories.

5. Shernbao 5HP Dog Dryer

The high-powered is achieved with a 5 horse powered motor, and it is easy to control the flow with the stepless rolling toggle. You have two choices for heat, ambient climate or low heat. The blower uses a patented muffling system to reduce vibration and noise. The noise level can be filtered down even more by using less power.

It comes complete with 10 feet of hose, a slot and cone attachment, and a 12-month guarantee. Airflow rates maxed out at 59,000.

  • Speed control – Variable
  • Heat settings – Two levels
  • Size – Compact
  • Noise level – Minimal
  • Attachments – One cylinder and two slotted
  • Warranty – 12 months
  • Air Flow (FPM) – 59,000

One of the most compact and quiet blow dryer for dogs.

How to Dry a Dog After Bathing

To introduce your dog to a pet hair dryer begin with the machine off, and let him sniff the hose. Rub the tube on him and pretend to dry the fur. Next point the nozzle away from the dog, turn the dryer on, and just let it run for a few minutes to let him get used to the noise. Slowly turn the nozzle towards the pup.

Starting far away, softly blow the air around and gently bring it in closer. Never hold it in one position or blow into the eyes or other sensitive areas. Follow all manufacturer’s guidelines when using pet blow hair dryers.

Here is a quick video that shows you how to use a hair blow dryer for your dog.