Best Christmas Dog Gifts

It’s never too early or too late to shop for Christmas gifts, but one thing is for sure. You shouldn’t forget a Christmas gift for your dog.

Whether you have a dog, or you’re shopping for ideal Christmas dog gifts for a dog lover – you’re in the right place.

This post is all about the best & cutest Christmas dog gifts, and the chances are you will find at least one gift.

Trying to surprise a dog lover or just want to treat your dog? Say no more and keep on reading!

Best Christmas Dog Gifts

Best Christmas Dog Gifts

We carefully chose and made a list of the best Christmas dog gifts that come in all shapes and sizes. Most importantly, they’re really affordable and they make a great gift for both dogs and dog lovers.

We are pretty confident that you’ll have a hard time making a decision – but hey, why not get a couple of gifts?

ZippyPaws Squeakie Buddies

ZippyPaws offers a great set of Squeakie Buddies which are fun characters that come integrated with squeaking voices so your dog can have hours of fun. The best thing is that they are holiday-themed which makes them a great Christmas gift.

No Stuffing

Even though Squeakie Buddies might look like stuffed toys at first – there is no stuffing involved. Not only this prevents any mess, but it also improves your dog’s safety and makes Squeakie Buddies last a lot longer.

No matter the size of your dog or the way your dog plays with its toys – Squeakie Buddies are there to provide hours of fun & joy for the holiday spirit.

Lastly, if your dog ever rips Squeakie Buddies apart – you won’t have to worry about the stuffing that could be harmful to your dog.

Ideally Sized

Squeaky Buddies are about 5 inches big which is an ideal size that will fit both small and medium dogs. Even large dogs will enjoy playing with Buddies.

If you have more than one dog, you can rest assured that every one of your dogs will enjoy playing with the Squeakie Buddies since there are 3 different characters.

Sounding Blaster Squeaker

There’s one thing we should warn you about. It’s the noise these Buddies are able to produce. Even though they’re small – they come equipped with a blaster squeaker that sounds really great but can be a bit loud for someone’s taste.

Your dog will love the intriguing sounds that match the holiday spirit.


  • Size is great for small & medium dogs
  • Aren’t stuffed
  • Boost Christmas spirit
  • Unique design
  • Very affordable


  • Aren’t very durable for rough dogs
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Kiwitata Christmas Dog Blanket

Every dog has that one personal item that makes them feel at home wherever they are. For most dogs, that personal item is the blanket.

If your dog doesn’t have a blanket yet, Kiwitata offers a great Christmas-themed blanket. What’s the best thing about it? It fits both people and dogs!

Premium Flannel Fabrics

This Christmas dog blanket is 100% soft since it’s made of premium flannel fabrics such as polyester that feels like ultra-soft plush material.

Not only the material is soft, but this type of fabric is ideal for all 4 seasons and yet it’s very easy to keep it clean.

Available in 2 Sizes

One of the smartest decisions Kiwitata made was to offer this blanket in two sizes:

  • Small – 76 x 52 cm (30 x 21 inches)
    Large – 104 x 76 cm (41 x 30 inches)

Not only your dogs can enjoy this blanket, but you can enjoy it on a Christmas morning as well. Purchasing a small size for your dog and a large size for yourself is the cutest thing you can do to spend a fabulous Christmas with your loved dog.

Simple to Wash & Maintain

Thanks to the quality fabric, you won’t have a problem cleaning & washing the blanket. Simply pop it into a washing machine and never worry about it shrinking.


  • Ultra-soft material
  • Can be washed in a washing machine
  • Comes in two sizes – ideal for dogs and their owners
  • Puppy & Christmas theme combination


  • The blanket is pretty thin
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Pearhead Sweet Holiday Pet Ornament

If your family just got a new member – there is no better way to celebrate their first Christmas than creating a personalized holiday pet ornament that you can hang on your Christmas tree every year.

Unique Gift

This affordable holiday pet ornament kit has everything you would need to make a very unique & personalized gift.

You won’t only create any ornament. You get to create a pet ornament with your dog’s paw print that will stay with you for long. Decorating your Christmas tree doesn’t get better than this!

Great Way to Cherish Your Dog

It’s very sad that dogs live a lot shorter than humans, but one day when your dog, unfortunately, isn’t with you anymore – this affordable holiday pet ornament could be a very sentimental way of cherishing your dog.

There’s no better way to spend lovely Christmas moments with your dog.

Includes Everything You Need

The kit provided by Perhead is very simple to use and it only takes 4 steps to make a personalized paw print ornament.

You will get ready-made clay that requires no additional mixing or baking. You’ll only have to knead it out, wet your dog’s paw, gently press in the paw into clay, and shape the print.

It takes only a couple of minutes to make a personalized lifelong memory of your dog.


  • Very easy to use
    An affordable way to make a unique & personalized gift
    6 different variations
    Plenty of additional clay mixture can be re-used


  • Shape cutter that comes included might be a bit too large for small paws
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Kyerivs Dog Christmas Costume

Does your dog enjoy dressing up? If yes, Kyerivs offers an ideal dog costume for Christmas that will bring a lot of joy to Christmas.

No matter how cute your dog is – this costume takes cuteness to another level!

Very Convenient

This costume is shaped in a way that it fits most dog sizes. It’s very simple to adjust it thanks to the wise shape of this costume.

No matter how fury your dog is – with the available sizes, this costume will fit cozy yet snug.

4 Sizes

For the best fit, dog Christmas costume comes in 4 sizes:

  • M
  • L
  • X
  • XL

Therefore, this costume is ideal for all dog breeds and sizes, and all you have to get right is the size. If your dog is in between the sizes – we highly recommend going for a smaller size and adjusting it so it fits nicely.

High-Quality Material

It’s no secret that your dog will have one of the cutest costumes on Christmas, but it’s important that your dog feels comfortable.

Therefore, Kyerivs ensured comfort & safety by using a breathable and soft material that is skin-friendly for your little ones.


  • Very easy to fit it to your dog
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • It makes a great Christmas gift for a puppy
  • Comfortable & breathable material


  • Requires manual measuring before proceeding with the purchase
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Unique Style Paws Christmas Dog Collar with Bow

If your dog doesn’t enjoy dressing up, Unique Style Paws came up with an ideal solution to style your dog’s appearance according to the Christmas spirit.

These are ideal Christmas dog collars with bows for your dog, but can also make a great gift for anyone else. What’s the best thing? It fits any dog size and breed!

Pure Cotton Material

Both collar and bow are made out of 100% cotton material so it’s safe for the dog’s skin. The buckles and sturdy and are wisely placed to ensure the comfort for dogs.

If your dog easily gets irritated skin, that’s something you won’t have to worry about with this unique Christmas dog collar & bow.

Easy to Attach

Collar and bowtie come in two pieces so you can always attach the bowtie to a collar, or just have your dog wear a collar without a bowtie.

If you prefer to attach the bowtie, you won’t have a hard time attaching it thanks to the elastic strap. What’s great is that you can visit the Unique Style Paws store for more bandana to attach to this collar.

The measuring process is very simple and the collar comes in 6 different sizes so it fits any dog from the smallest to the largest.

Simple to Maintain

The collar is washable in a washing machine, but it’s recommended to detach the bowtie and wash it mild water and soap.

Bowtie is handmade so it’s important to wash it according to the instructions.


  • 6 different sizes
  • 100% pure cotton material
  • Bowtie can be detached
  • Easy to maintain


  • The buckle is a bit too easy to open
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Scenereal Winter Dog Christmas Costume

Scenereal is a well-known manufacturer of winter clothing for dogs and they came up with an ideal solution to keep your best friend warm and yet have him boost up the Christmas spirit.

Comfortable Material Choice

This winter dog Christmas costume comes with a double side made out of fleece which is a very soft material that provides a lot of comforts – but is, at the same time, great for keeping your dog warm in cold weather.

It features a classic plaid design that is ideal for the holidays and yet it never gets out of date so if your dog is a big fan of this costume – it can be worn throughout the year.

Simple Fit with Velcro Closure

This cute Christmas costume is available in 4 sizes so it will fit any dog breed no matter the size. All you have to do is make sure you choose the correct size. Therefore, you’ll have to measure your dog’s neck girth, chest girth, and back length.

Once you ensure you chose the right size for your dog, you will be able to fit this costume to your dog in just seconds thanks to the velcro closure which makes things simple.

One helpful thing we noticed is how Scenereal combined simple velcro fit as an adjustable strap. This ensures the costume custom-fits your dog according to its body shape & size.

Double-Sided Wearing

You are purchasing one costume, but you will be getting two costumes thanks to the double-sided wearing. Both sides are made out of the same material to ensure they’re comfortable & warm for your dog.

You can even give your dog to choose between the plain red or classic plaid design side!


  • It’s easy to get the right size
  • Multi-use velcro closure
  • Double-sided wearing
  • Unique design for the holiday spirit


  • Velcro quality could have been improved – it’s a bit weak at times
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Bone Bons Christmas Organic Dog Treats

If your dog has plenty of toys and doesn’t like wearing costumes – there’s only one thing left your dog might enjoy. It’s organic treats from Bone Bons which are Christmas-themed so they make a perfect gift for a Christmas day!

Organic Ingredients

As the name of the Bone Bons brand says for itself, all of their dog treats are made from 100% organic ingredients.

These ingredients include garbanzo, coconut, black bean flours, peanuts, flax & chia seed, honey, and many other natural ingredients.

Every single ingredient used by Bone Bons is 100% healthy for a dog – but we also have plenty of posts on what dogs can or can not eat, so make sure to check out those for more information.

Unique Decorations

The images provided by the brand are decorative. Every one of the dog treats is hand-made which makes every single treat unique in its decoration.

Of course, the Christmas theme remains – but you and your dog might not know exactly what treats are going to arrive which makes the wait exciting!

Eliminates Unhealthy Ingredients

Bone Bons uses only 100% USDA certified organic ingredients which are carefully chosen for dogs.

Therefore, they eliminate ingredients such as preservatives, additives, GMO, flavors, salt & sugar, and most importantly – harmful chemicals.


  • Made and sourced in the USA
  • Hand-made Christmas-themed designs
  • Eliminates unhealthy ingredients
  • Include a nice wrap and drawstring


  • Includes only 6 treats
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Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, and it doesn’t take much to make your puppy happy. Whether you’re trying to make someone’s day or you’re looking to boost up the Christmas spirit by dressing up your dog – these are the best Christmas dog gifts you can get.

What are your plans for the upcoming Christmas? Do you have any plans on surprising your dog?

Feel free to leave a comment down below in case you have any ideas, suggestions, or questions.

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