Best Chew Resistant Dog Bed: Ins and Outs

Best Chew Resistant Dog Bed

If it’s troubling you to make your dog reclining on a comfortable piece of bed trust me you really love your puppy. There is no doubt about that. And if you are reading this article I am sure that you are finding it hard to find the best suitable chew resistant bed for your loving pet. Finally you are in a right place!

Our platform is always there to make ease for pet lovers in the world. Our research says nowadays most people suffer to find the best chew resistant bed for their dog among thousands of product on the internet. Thus they waste their lot of time which could be spent to socialize a dog.

So let’s learn what you need to know about a best chew proof dog bed before owning one for your mate.

What is Really Chew Safe Dog Bed?

I am just giving you a brief if you don’t know anything about it. A heavy duty dog bed is a semi-soft bed for dog for your home. We often keep our dog in our bed which sometimes leads to the scratching of bed and make that staff unusable. To get rid of that there is special kind of bed which prevents abrasions of bed by chewing and scratching of pets due to the material of the bed. And the bed sustains long time.

Common Types of Dog Bed

Types of dog beds differ mostly according to their designs. Some popular and available types are:-

Heated Dog beds: Pillows sized fluffy dog beds known for being comfortable beds especially for older dogs.

Cushion Dog beds: The name suggests the size of these beds. These bed are especially for soft chewers

Donut and bolster dog beds: This is donuts sized fluffy and comfy big dog beds. This kind of beds mostly is expensive and suited for big sized dogs

Outdoor cots and beds: Usually beds with metal framed body and stands under it are known as outdoor cots and dots. These extreme durable ones are suitable for hard chewers and can be put outside.

Things You Must Look into a Dog Bed

Outer materials: There are several kinds of materials that are used to manufacture the outer portion of the bed. Let’s know about them first.

Ballistic Nylon: This is one of the most used materials to make the outer part of modern chew proof bed. Especially 1680D ballistic nylons are the popular one. It is waterproof and able to fight hard chews of dogs. That’s whys it is used most.

Though it is pretty hard outside that’s why is not fully comfortable. If you prioritize your dog’s comfort more than the bed then you should skip this kind of bed

Cordura Fabric: Well this is another popular waterproof material that is used by various companies to manufacture dog bed. It is usually used for luggage, backpacks or military staff. There is no doubt about durability of this material. Besides it works great against abrasions. It is used mostly on metal framed dog bed.

Canvas: A plain-woven material which known for its long lasting quality. This fabric is often used as outer material. A waterproof material which enables to make more comfortable outer of dog bed as this fabric is kind of fleecy in quality.

Denim: We all are known to this kind of fabric as it is used make out pants or jackets. Denim fabrics are also used to make comfy kind of outer of dog bed. It is not used most often. But various comfortable dog beds are made by using this. This is used primarily for comfort not for durability. So if your pet is hard chewer then you shouldn’t choose this kind of fabric.

Polyester: Finally polyester! There is no need to introduce this kind of fabric as we all see it in every kind of products. This is known for its waterproofing ability and durability. You will find this fabric on numerous dog bed products.

In the end, I have discussed the outer sections in details because it matter the most. The kind of pet you have is going to suggest what kind of bed you need.

If you are suffering from hard chews of your dog and your dog moves a lot then you should look for durables ones like ballistic nylon or Cordura fabric. And if you prioritize comforts then you should look for denim or polyester outer.

Inner Materials of Dog Bed

There is no such variation like outer materials in inner materials of dog bed. Most comfortable and fluffy ones are filled with polyester stuffing and polyfill or thick polyester. These kinds of materials are good in terms of waterproofing. I strongly recommend these kinds rather than consumer provided pillows or other fluffy materials.

Available Sizes of Chew Beds

The available sizes of dog beds are as bellow:

  • X-Small ( 18”-24” x 13”-20”)
  • Small ( 20”-32” x 17”-23”)
  • Medium ( 30”-36” x 19”-27”)
  • Large ( 35”- 41” x 25”-36”)
  • Extra Large ( 41”-48” x 28”-38”)
  • XX- Large/ Jumbo ( 50+” x 40+”)

The above mentioned sizes vary for different products from different companies. So choose according to size of your pet. You should remember that it would be better for your dog to have spacious one in term of comforts.

To Sum Up

So that’s it. I hope you have got the whole idea about dog beds. Now you can choose one with the power of your knowledge and surely will find the best one.

Happy puppy time!