PetSafe Best Automatic Dog Ball Launcher: Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best Automatic Dog Ball Launchers

You might not always have the time to play around with your dog, maybe because of your work, studies or even you want to have some rest; but your dog is always there for you and he expects the same as well!

We all know the most common game to play with your dog and ensure that he gets out all of his energy in this game, but your energy tank might run out as well! That is where the Best Automatic Dog Ball Launcher comes into the play. An Automatic Fetch Machine is a simulator where it launches the ball in a safe angle and distance in your courtyard, a garden or a pitch for your dog to fetch it.

How do Automatic Dog Ball Launchers Work?

Fetching is an instinct that has been in dogs, it’s a joy for them to find objects and put them in their mouths and deliver it back to their owners; this has been also in dogs that were bred to fetch items for their owners which came down from their instinct to pray in the old ages.

The Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs was designed to give your dog the pure satisfaction for his fetching instinct as it works on this point pretty well by throwing small-sized tennis balls in a distance that is way behind him to launch his feet into a great sprint in order to fetch the ball; but that’s not the case only because what matters also when you buy a Dog Ball Throwing Machine like PetSafe PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy is ensuring that you get your dog to return the tennis ball to the Throwing Machine properly; how can you achieve that?

Simply, all that you have to do is lure them with some treats to return the ball to the device; the device was made by PetSafe for most dog sizes to make the process of throwing the ball and returning it easy for them. Your dog has to leave the ball on top of the device after fetching it; the Dog Ball Launcher will do the trick to relaunch it into the pitch again.

What is the Best Dog Ball Launcher?

Here are our top 5 picks of best automatic dog ball launchers and throwers available on Amazon which might be best for you and your dog as well.

The Automatic Ball Launcher maintains safety for you and your dog, the question in your head right now is “What should be safe about an Automatic Dog Ball Thrower?” and the answer is:-

Customizing the angle and the distance of the ball is the key issue when it comes to maintaining safety for your dog. The machine ensures that the ball won’t get to an undesired place or a zone that is not animal-friendly. If you’re indoors, setting the angle correctly will not let your dog escape the boundaries you’ve set for him, even though if it was a small fence that is closing your house garden. But if you’re outdoors; your dog won’t get to any dangerous area; it is a hazardous zone or a construction area beside your favorite park; you’ll ensure that your dog is going nowhere near that.

You like taking your dog to the beach, right?

Your dog can’t stop the temptation of running on the beach’s sand in front of the stunning ocean water for hours and hours.

You like the beach too, you must like sitting on your lounger while having a drink and reading a book; you can hit two birds with one stone here. That is having a good calm day for you, action-packed day for your dog who wants to move their legs and have some fun.

If you’re asking “What does this have to do with our Automatic Ball Launcher?”; here’s our answer for you:

Simply, water resistance. This version of the automation launcher device is resistant to water as it’s enclosed tightly with no open space to let the water get to the internal parts of the device. Even if the ball fell into the water and your dog returned it; there’s no harm to the inner parts of the device by any means. The battery compartment is secured against water leaks which are a plus when it comes to safety.

Speaking about batteries, did I mention that this Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs can work with batteries and standard power chords as well?

It mainly uses a power chord in case if you’re playing with your dog inside your home or a place that you can find suitable electricity with ease but if you’re interested in going out with the Automatic Fetch Machine; you can do this easily. You just need to buy D batteries in order to use it outside as they’re not included with the product’s packaging.

You must be loving your dog to get him such a machine, it loves him as well; it fears for his exhaustion and safety. it will give him rest from fetching the ball on a well-timed basis to ensure he gets enough rest to make sure he goes at it again! Every fifteen minutes the machine will be put into sleep mode, no matter what your dog might do; the ball won’t launch into the air again.

This Automatic Ball Launcher also has a distance sensor; why?

To make sure that the ball won’t be launched into his body. To have the ball launched; your dog must be away from the launcher by -at least- 7 feet long. If your dog steps into this limit; the launching process will stop for two seconds as it detected a sudden move.

A smart sound tone is a plus here in this Automatic Fetch Machine; it will make a sound each time it’s about to launch the ball to get your dog’s attention to it before launching it. There’s a funny “uh-oh” tone that will play each time your dog stands in the way of the ball, that helps with your dog stepping aside to have the actual joy of running to fetch this ball.

The device is portable, safe and smart. You can’t wish for anything more than that if you want to give rest for your arms and joy for your dog, right?

That’s why PetSafe Automatic Dog Ball Launcher is your best option when it comes to picking such a machine.