Bichon Frisé Dog Breed

Bichon Frisé Dog Breed

The cuddly Bichon Frisé  is believed to have originated in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa. Its ancestors were brought to Europe over 400 years ago, and became especially popular members of the Spanish and French aristocracy. Support for the breed declined during the nineteenth century, however, and it became … Read more

Affenpinscher Dog Breed

Affenpinscher Dog Breed

Affenpinscher is an old dog breed whose history dates back over 300 years, the Affenpinscher is probably descended from a combination of small wirehaired terriers and pug-like dogs. It originated in Germany and is sometimes known as the Monkey Dog, because of its facial features, which resemble those of certain primates. The bushy area of … Read more

Secret Techniques About How to Take Care of a Dog and Pet

Before bringing a dog home the owner should keep in mind that a minimum amount of time needs to be devoted to dog for its take care like grooming of coat, cleaning nails, bathing and regular visit to a veterinarian for health checkups and treatment. So, time is the most important factor for a responsible … Read more

How to Exercise Your Dog

How to Exercise Your Dog

Daily Exercise routine must for all types of dogs to keep them healthy. The frequency and duration of exercise depend on the age, size and breed of the dog. Even small dogs who live in small flats need exercise and space to roam around. The larger dogs need to go out on a regular basis … Read more

Dog Feeding Chart and Requirements

Dog Feeding Schedule Guide

Food requirement varies from pups, to adult dogs, and females. It also varies according to the breed of the dog. Two types of food are available in the market – Dry food and Canned food. Dry foods in comparison to canned foods are better as they are easy to store, convenient to use, keep the … Read more

Common Myths and Facts About Dogs

Facts About Dogs for Kids

If you are looking for a Dog or small puppy then you must know about the common myths and facts about Dogs. Aggressive nature is generally described by growling or biting habits or dog. But dogs are not always aggressive. There are certain situations when dogs show this behaviour. Barking and growling can be a … Read more

How to Choose a Right Dog

Choosing the Right Dog Breed

How to choose a Dog that perfect for your lifestyle. Before choosing a Dog Breed or choosing the right dog for a pet one should keep the following aspects in mind. Need of a pet in the family Space for pet in the House Type of House Age of Owner Type of Animal according to … Read more