Australian Silky Terrier Dog Breed

Australian Silky Terrier Dog Breed

As its name suggests, Australian Silky Terrier dog breed originated in Australia, in tandem with its close relative, simply known as the Australian Terrier. Both breeds are descended from imported British terriers, and bear an obvious similarity in appearance to the Yorkshire Terrier. In the United States, to avoid possible confusion over the names of these two terriers, they are now described as the Silky and Australian Terriers, respectively.

Origins: Australia
Coat Type/Colour: Silky; Bluish and Tan
Height: 9 inch (23 cm)
Weight: 8 to 10 lb (3.6 – 4.5 kg)
Classification: Toy/terrier
Nature: Lively, Adaptable

It is likely that the Australian Silky Terrier is the combined result of three separate British breeds which were involved in its development. The Dandie Dinmont Terrier probably contributed towards the breed’s relatively long body, as well as its silky coat. Skye Terriers may also have emphasized this characteristic while its blue coloration probably came from the Yorkshire Terrier.

The coat of the Australian Silky Terrier, which is straight and silky to the touch, is usually parted over the head and down the centre of the back. It is not as long as that of the Yorkshire Terrier, although there is a topknot on the top of the head. Today, the ears are held erect, although, formerly, drop ears were also permissible, suggesting a close relationship with the Skye Terrier.

In terms of care, the Australian Silky Terrier Dog Breed is probably less demanding than its appearance may suggest, daily brushing being adequate to keep its coat in top condition. It is a lively dog breed, but will adapt well to apartment living, if it can have a good walk each day.

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