Afghan Hound Dog

Afghan Hound Dog Breed

As a sight hound, this can prove one of the most difficult dog breeds to train to return to you. Afghans were originally bred to hunt hares, deer and even wolves in Afghanistan. The Afghan is not a pack hound and is used to working on its own, in conjunction with a house ad rider. Hunting over the inhospitable rocky terrain called for a breed with plenty of stamina and keen eyesight.

Origins: Afghanistan
Coat Type/Colour: Flowing; Wide Variety
Height: 20 – 27 Inch (51 -68.5 cm)
Weight: 77 – 88 lb (35 – 40 kg)
Classification: Hound/Coursing
Nature: Destructive if under-exercises; devoted and friendly

The Afghan Hound dog was first brought to Britain at the end of the nineteenth century, by soldiers coming home from the Afghan War. Serious interest in these hounds let to the formation of a breed club in 1926. Within Afghanistan, there were several different forms, some of which were bigger and hand darker coats than others. These distinctions remained noticeable in the early Afghan bloodlines, but have now essentially disappeared. Their coat does appear to have become more profuse, however, and this aristocratic hound needs thorough daily grooming to prevent its hair from becoming matted. Air-cushioned brushes are often recommended for this purpose.

Sadly, the graceful elegance of the Afghan dog breed has attracted owners who have neither the time nor space needed for this breed. These hounds must have a good run off the lead every day, preferably away from areas where other smaller dogs are exercised, otherwise these may be chased. Afghans will amply reward the efforts of their owner, proving both affectionate and devoted, but are soon likely to turn destructive if they are bored.

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