German Shepherd Dog Breed is Intelligent and Good-Tempered

German Shepherd Dog Breed
German Shepherd Dog Breed

The German Shepherd is second in dog popularity charts in the U.S.A. and fourth in the U.K. This is hardly surprising because these highly intelligent dogs have shown their star quality in movies and TV and their courage and trainability as working dogs with the police and the army and as search and rescue dogs. Most of the people using other names of this dog breed and pronounce with Alsatian, Berger Allemand, Deutscher Schäferhund, GSD, and Schäferhund.

Origins: Germany
Colour: Black & Tan, Black & Red, Black & Silver, Sable, White
Height: Male: 24–26 Inch (60–65 cm), Female: 22–24 inches (55–60 cm)
Weight: 22–40 kg
Classification: Working/herding
Nature: Gentle, Intelligent, Good-tempered, Agile

Every German shepherd puppy is born with the potential to fulfill the tasks that will be expected of it later in life. Their agility and eagerness to learn and to lease their owners make them a joy to own and to train. Their fast learning abilities have been bred into them.

If you are wondering about the size your pup will grow to, you can easily obtain a German Shepherd Growth Chart on the internet. You can expect a one-year-old bitch to weigh about 64 lbs and a dog to weigh about 76 lbs.

If you prefer a smaller dog then the miniature German Shepherd may fit the bill, but this is usually a mixed breed and not considered to be a pure German Shepherd dog breed. The Black German Shepherd and the White German Shepherd are not common, but whatever color or size you choose, you will have a faithful friend who will defend you to the death.

German Shepherd Puppy Growth Chart

German Shepherd is one of the popular large dog breeds across the world. If you have a german shepherd puppy and don’t know about the growth then must see the growth chart of German Shepherd by Weight and Age in Months.

Age in Months Weight in lbs: Male Weight in lbs: Female
1 9.2 7.2
2 19.9 16.6
3 31.3 26.7
4 41.8 36.2
5 50.6 44
6 57.4 50.1
7 62.6 54.4
8 66.4 57.5
9 69.4 59.7
10 72 61.5
11 74.3 63.1
12 76 64.2

German Shepherd Male and Female Dog Names

For some reason, some people find it difficult to choose a name for a German Shepherd puppy but this can be easily solved by searching for Male and Female German Shepherd Dog Names below:-

Male German Shepherd Puppy Names: Cooper, Aztec, Byron, Berg, Blitz, Buddy, Ellard, Helmar, Herz, Henri, Marley, Justin, Jacob, Jack, Oreo, Blaze, Ozzy.

Female German Shepherd Puppy Name: Maggie, Lola, Chloe, Lacey, Azzurra, Annie, Maggie, Sasha, Sugar, Gracie

German Shepherds are fiercely loyal, sometimes to a fault. They are often “one man dogs” but can be equally happy as family pets with the correct training. Some of them have a tendency to attack cats and smaller dogs which is why it is necessary to make sure that they receive proper obedience training from the outset. They will guard their owner or their family with courage and self-assurance. Some of them are not keen on strangers, so it is not wise to approach them without first asking their owner.

German Shephered Dog History and Information
German Shepherd Dog History and Information

They require lots of exercises and mental stimulation as well as daily grooming as they are constantly shedding hair throughout the seasons. Unfortunately, this also applies to the long-haired German Shepherd Dog. The Plush Coat German Shepherd has a shorter coat than the long-haired dog but longer than the standard coat, All three types have an undercoat.

The German Shepherd Dog – commonly known as the Alsatian in the UK really enjoys learning – so don’t hesitate to teach him some tricks. He will enjoy performing them as much as you will feel proud to be the owner of such a wonderful companion.

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