Can Dogs and Puppies Eat Strawberries – Shocking Truth

How Are Strawberries Good For Dogs

The warm season presents a lot of vegetables and fruits that I believe you enjoy so much. It’s not really good to see your friend watch you helplessly as you take every bite. Strawberries are very healthy for our health and very tasty and since you love your pet so much you may be wondering; […]

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes – Unknown side effects of Dog Eating Tomatoes

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes

You could be asking yourself can dogs eat tomatoes? The answer is they may or may not be good for your dogs in a variety of ways. For instance tomatoes improve the vision for your dog and strengthening their body tissues, however there could also be some severe side effect resulting from feeding your dog on tomatoes. […]

Can Dogs Eat Tofu or Is Tofu Safe for Dogs – The Guide You Should Know

Can Dogs Eat Tofu

Dog lovers know that owning a dog is a lifelong commitment. Our fur babies need more than hugs and affection but also tender loving care, including taking care of the food they eat. Nutrition in dogs just like in human plays an important role in their well-being. This article will discuss about one of the most […]

Can Dogs and Puppies Eat Blueberries – Is it Safe for Dogs to Eat Blueberries?

Can Dogs and Puppies Eat Blueberries

Blueberries are often prepared as jams, purees, juice, or eaten whole. You often blueberries in cakes and baked goodies like blueberry cheesecake or blueberry muffin. Aside from its flavorful taste, another reason blueberries are popular as snacks or breakfast item ingredients is that it contains low calories. It also packs a lot of dietary fiber […]

Can Dog And Puppies Eat Watermelon – Facts That Might Be Surprise You

Can I Give My Dog Watermelon

Dogs are known to always have part in the family food, due to the fact that their digestive system is a little bit different from that of man. Canine digestive system is shorter than that of the omnivores because ancestrally they evolved as carnivore. Only few of the food eaten by man cannot be eaten […]

Is Cauliflower Safe for Your Dog? See What Science Have to Say

Is Cauliflower Safe for Your Dog

Can dogs eat cauliflower? Can I give my dog cauliflower? These are the things that you have to think about when you want the best for your dog food. Well food is one great thing which every living beings loves the most; whether it be humans, pets, animals, plants or microorganisms everybody loves food the most in […]

Can Dogs Eat Grapes? Every Dog Lover Should Know

Can Dogs Eat Grapes

There are certain things which are not good for pets like chocolates grapes etc. Michael one day returned home from office in evening and found his dog lying on the floor unconsciously Later he found that he was in deep trouble. Michael rushed his dog Bruno to veterinary hospital, under the intense care for around […]

Can Dogs & Puppies Eat Applesauce? Dog Care Food Guide You Should Know

Can Dogs & Puppies Eat Applesauce

There have been several doubts about the addition of apples and applesauce to a dog’s diet. Some people find the very idea of feeding fruits to a dog rather absurd. However, studies have shown that applesauce is quite essential in a dog’s diet. This is because it contains antioxidants which can be beneficial in excretion […]