Can Dogs Eat Popcorn: Can I Give My Dog Popcorn

Can I Give My Dog Popcorn
Can I Give My Dog Popcorn

Can dogs eat popcorn or Can I Give My Dog Popcorn? Lots of curious dog owners ask this question and I am pretty sure there were times you have wondered the very same thing.

Let’s face it, dogs are adorable pets. And this means that sometimes they fall in love with us so much that they want to eat what we eat. Unfortunately, this sometimes includes the half-empty bowl of popcorn that is leftover after you both have enjoyed your favorite movie.

Most times, you will agree that you are tempted to let him have fun with the popcorn. But is it ok for a dog to eat popcorn? Well, there isn’t a straight answer to this question. Let’s find out why.

Is Popcorn Bad for Dogs?

Yes, popcorn is bad for dogs. But can they eat it if they badly deserve a treat? Well, that’s another case entirely.

Most of the popcorn we eat are garnished with a substantial amount of butter and salt. Although this delivers an unbelievable crunchy taste, it is actually bad for us. This means that it will also not do your dog any good.

Butter, as you may already know, is packed with calories that could result in intestinal upset and obesity if you make the habit to feed your dog with popcorn dipped in butter.

If butter isn’t bad enough, but if your dog eats popcorn kernels the hard nature of popcorn kernels can gradually destroy your dog’s teeth.

Can I Give My Dog Popcorn

Dogs are not as careful as we are, so it’s very possible for them to unintentionally crack their teeth while trying to enjoy a hard popcorn kernel. Worse still, your dog could choke. So you are better off not feeding him with popcorn at all.

While the brief explanation above answers a lot of questions, it still doesn’t answer a fundamental question like is it ok for a dog to eat popcorn? My dog ate popcorn will he be ok or Can he have little every once in a while?

Well, the answer is yes.

Awesome, right?

Of course, it isn’t all doom and gloom. You can actually allow your dog to munch any type of popcorn occasionally as long as it is a rare treat.

However, you and your dog are better off eating the white and plain popcorn kind. They hardly contain any calorie and are mostly harmless.

Popcorn itself can be healthy food for your dog (if its plain, air-popped and white of course). In fact, this type of popcorn kernel is known to contain important minerals that are good for canine nutrition. Examples of such minerals include phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, fiber, zinc, and the trace amount of vitamins.

So popcorn kernels aren’t so bad after all. It is in the attempt to sweeten it and make it palatable to our taste buds that we introduce ingredients like salt and butter which go on to do damage to our body system.

Though you probably won’t like it, you should always stick with butter and salt-free popcorn. Your teeth and stomach and those of your dogs will thank you for making that healthy decision.

So can a dog eat popcorn? The answer is yes, but now you know how to go about it without endangering your health and that of your dog.